Lake Hawea Accommodations

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Accommodation while hunting can include specialized hunters quarters, such as the fallow deer hunting cabin shown here.

We offer 2 options from Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris:

When on wilderness hunts, you may stay in tented camps as well.

You'll have opportunities though to freshen up at more traditional lodgings as the hunt moves between areas.

  Fallow Deer hunting cabin, Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris, South Island of New Zealand.

Hunting hut, Lake Hawea.  

On some hunts with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris, you'll stay at permanent public hunting huts like this.

Breathtaking views included at no extra charge.

The hunting cabins let you start your day right in the middle of prime hunting areas, amidst jaw-dropping scenery.

Many are accessible by four-wheel drive.